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What is Hypnotherapy Supervision?


Attending Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Supervision sessions is vital to professional growth as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist with minimum hours required by national associations.

Supervision enables SF hypnotherapists to discuss their client issues while maintaining client confidentiality, discuss/process their feelings, thoughts about the course of therapy they are giving, and ensures that they are staying within organizational guidelines.

Group Hypnotherapy Supervision

Along with being a fun and exciting opportunity to meet other hypnotherapists, supervision creates a supportive environment to network, gain new client acquisition methods, and deepen your knowledge of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy!

Group supervision sessions with Alina include difficult client case studies, questions & answers, getting new clients, improving your business, and much more.

Group sessions are £25 and run on the first Friday of each month from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Private Hypnotherapy Supervision

One-to-one hypnotherapy supervision is the most flexible option and gives you the opportunity to have dedicated time with Alina, a solution-focused hypnotherapy supervisor, to discuss your therapy business, allowing you to grow into the best therapist you can be!

In private supervision sessions, we get to focus completely on you, guidance with your clients, growing your business, and ultimately, becoming the most successful therapist possible.

Private sessions are £65 per hour and can be divided into 2x 30min sessions – book by contacting Alina directly.

what’s covered?

Reviewing Client Cases

In group supervision, you will have the opportunity to present and discuss difficult client cases with other SF therapists while maintaining client confidentiality.

This will allow you to get the opinions of other therapists and share common experiences to better provide solutions for your clients.

Questions & Answers

Group supervision provides a safe environment to discuss problems and limitations without criticism.

If you’re unsure about a referral process, curious about how other therapists are handling certain situations, or want to provide your own experiences, this is the time to pool your knowledge and reflect on your work.

Growing Your Business

Group supervision focuses on professional growth, development, and practice improvement.

Alina will cover tips on getting new clients, marketing your practice, and getting high-quality referrals to grow your business.

& much more!

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About Your Supervisor

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Over 7 years ago, Alina met Matthew Cahill and was inspired to train as a clinical hypnotherapist & psychotherapist. Beginning her training in 2014, Alina grew from seeing 10 clients per week to transitioning to a full-time therapist, opening her own clinic in central London, Integrity Centre. At Integrity Centre, Alina creates a safe space to help and support others, where they can come to relax, knowing they’re in good hands.

Now, Alina has grown and expanded her hypnotherapy business to include 30 clients per week. Alina is actively involved with CPHT as a lecturer on hypnotherapy training in London & Plymouth and is in the process of opening her own hypnotherapy training in Poland. Having completed advanced training in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, Alina has been a Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Supervisor for 5 years. To compliment her hypnotherapy training and expand her therapist offerings, Alina is currently training to become a clinical psychologist and counsellor.

Join Integrity Centre as a Therapist

Integrity Centre therapy license (requires HPD):

£40 per month (auto-renew)

License includes:
– Integrity Centre website listing
– Integrity Centre address usage
– 2hrs ad hoc therapy room rental per month (non-transferable)
– Unlimited online class membership

Minimum Requirements:


The NCH requires that registered members for the first three years of qualified practice and 300 client hours, undertake a minimum of 30 minutes per month, or an average of six hours per year of contracted supervision with an NCH-listed supervisor.”

“All members must be engaged in regular and relevant supervision for the first three years of practice. Subsequent supervision may be by peer association.”

Registered membership criteria: You will attend supervision at least 6 times per annum.

“… as a formal condition of your membership, the AfSFH requires each Registered member to accrue a minimum of 6 hours of supervision over the course of a year (the equivalent of 30mins per month).

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How Does It Work?

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Sign Up

The first step is booking a hypnotherapy supervision session. For Group supervision, choose from the list of upcoming dates and click ‘Sign Up’. For private sessions, contact Alina directly.

Join Online

Hypnotherapy supervision sessions are currently taking place over Zoom. You will receive a link to join the session in an email 1 hour before the session begins.